The links above takes you to a small range of our extended services of C.B.I. - Consulting.
This pages have nothing to do with the services of our previous company CBI-Telecom, Ing. Wolfgang Spitz

CBI-Telecom, Ing. Wolfgang Spitz

Due to negative Austrian business situation we have to close our business after nearly 15 years of operation.
The Austria government takes around 70% of the revenue for taxation and social insurance.
Also the margins in IT & Telecommunication was lowering in the last years so much that a normal operation is not more possible.

We have taken all our knowledge in IT & Telecom at to a small business unit of C.B.I. - Consulting GmbH.
At C.B.I. - Consulting GmbH we support you in development of your office network and with the configuration of the hardware for Servers and workstations.
In telecommunications we are working from now on only in the areas of
setup of new projects
, project management, quality management and change- and claim management.

Areas in detail

  1. office networks

  2. We are not only design your network infrastructure for your office, we deliver also high quality components from Buffalo and Cisco.
    Due to our experience in mobile communication we also connect your building over longer distances.

  3. Infrastructure

  4. For IT infrastructure we use only high quality hardware from
    Buffalo, Dell und HP.
    For laptops, desktops, workstations and servers we offer only hardware from Dell. This computers are configured exactly for your needs.
    Dell support you with a service at site with a minimum guarantee from three years in 24 hours.

  5. Consulting in mobile communication

  6. in mobile communication we can offer more than 9 years of experience:

    • Consulting for rollouts of new technologies
    • Organisation from swaps von existing infrastucture to new vendors or technologies
    • quality control of the changed or new sites and their documentation


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